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 inspires the Youth through MOVEMENT!


But I Fly Dance is a Youth Dance Organisation that Fiona Gordon founded in 2015 and has now become a registered association this year in 2024. We are a group of trained dance teachers that encourage dance in the community! 


We teach technique and capture the enthusiasm of the participants through an energetic class. We also place great emphasis on nurturing the creativity of the young people through improvisation and their own choreographic work.Our projects and project weeks can cover social awareness concepts, that can be discussed with the teachers before the project weeks begin.

  • Weekly classes to young people from the age of 10 onwards taught by our very experienced dance teacher Fiona Gordon. 

  • Our cooperation with schools: Cumpulsory elective courses/Dance Project weeks/Holiday workshop programmes.

  • We cooperate with youth clubs and church organisations offering dance social youth projects  

  • We offer dance workshops with international dance professionals.

  • We organise exchanges with other youth dance groups


But I Fly Dance finds it essential that the dancers get the opportunity to deepen their dance experience through working with other teachers and choreographers, offering them different approaches and new inspirations. 

We also have got involved in youth dance exchanges and wish to visit youth dance festivals. This is a great way to get well networked and gives the dancers a wonderful opportunity to see how others work and find out more about the dance world!


Contemporary Dance for beginners from 10 years in Hamburg Bahrenfeld.

Weekly classes are on Tuesdays from 16:15 to 17:25. This group has the chance to go a long way together with Fiona Gordon. The dancers start with the beginners' course. With a little more experience they can then join THE COCCOONS and later become a member of the BUT I FLY DANCE COMPANY. If you have always wanted to gain dance experience, then you should not hesitate.


For prices CLICK HERE



If you are interested in being a member of BUT I FLY DANCE e.V. EDUCATOR REGISTER, then press on the button below, open up the registration form,  fill it out and sent it back to us and we will add you to our list. We are there for you to offer good conditions for educator dance jobs in schools, youth centres and youth organisations!


Ferein Dance Camp

Come to our 5-day dance workshop for teenagers!

  • If you enjoy dancing in your free time and would like to delve even deeper into the world of dance during your holidays, then you've come to the right place!

  • Experience contemporary dance, HipHop, Rhythm, freestyle and choreography, all combined in one ultimate workshop.

  • Immerse yourself in intensive training, learn cool moves and help develop creative choreographies and record a One Shot Video!.

  • At the end, you will have the chance to proudly present the results of the week to your family and friends.

WHERE: Erika Klütz School, Daimlerstrasse 71a / 22761 Hamburg

WHEN: 21st - 25th October 2024



10:30 -12:00   Hip Hop, Rhythm and Choreography with Lucia Zoe Kehn

12:20 -13:50   Improvisation, Choreography and One Shot Video with Sarah Edna Schneider 

14:10 - 16:10  Contemporary Dance and Voice Expression with Johanna Spies    


14:00 - 15:00  Hip Hop, Rhythm and Choreography with Lucia Zoe Kehn

15:15 - 16:15  Recording of One Shot Video with Sarah Edna Schneider 

16:30 - 17:30  Contemporary Dance and Voice Expression with Johanna Spies


18:00-19:00 - Parents and friends are welcome for a Presentation of the experience of the week!


€150 for the whole Workshop,

€135 Early Bird (Register before the end of August)

€105 for BUT I FLY DANCE e.V. members (Caterpillars)

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