is inspired from and inspires with MOVEMENT!

Fiona Gordon is the founder of this organisation. She began her career originally as a professional dancer and dance teacher. She's a great lover of observing and working with the human body, the posture, the movement and the expression.

She has the ability to illuminate peoples' personalities by interpreting their movement or posture, through observing their bodys' movement patterns, consequently finding ways to help them make subtle changes to allow her students to grow both physically and psychologically, both externally and internally.

She is a passionate dancer, dance teacher and is now very dedicated to the Bowspring practice. She is currently working intensely on combining her Bowspring knowledge together with her Contemporary dance techniques to develop something completely new, which she believes can help the dance students; to find a deeper inner strength; become more conscious of their elasticity by working with their fascia and muscle connections; deter them from getting physical injuries; will give them their ROOTS in order for them to FLY!

Fiona is also very excited to open up her boundaries and have the chance to help train not only dancers. Bowspring is for everyone!

She has also opened up her horizons through her ONLINE TRAINING! She can now not only teach locally in Hamburg but she can reach out to the world to share her knowledge of Bowspring practice and her new Contemporary Bowspring Dance Technique.

The sky is the limit!

Contemporary Bow Dance Class

"During these times of confinement it is so good to free yourself and go beyond your boundaries, at least in your body and mind!!!          

Find your Roots to get ready to Flyyyyyy!

Come on!....Take that step and get in touch with me and join in my class and begin to make new discoveries!

I look forward to meeting you, wherever you are in the world."

XXX Fiona

Dance with us! 

For the young people who live in Hamburg

We're looking to you! Are you interested in dance and would like to train and improvise in a dance group together with others that are just as passionate about dance as you are? Then get in touch because...