is inspired from and inspires with MOVEMENT!

Fiona Gordon is the founder of this organisation. She began her career originally as a professional dancer and dance teacher. She's a great lover of observing and working with the human body, the posture, the movement and the expression.

She has the ability to illuminate peoples' personalities by interpreting their movement or posture, through observing their bodys' movement patterns, consequently finding ways to help them make subtle changes to allow her students to grow both physically and psychologically, both externally and internally.

She is a passionate dancer, dance teacher and is now very dedicated to the Bowspring practice. She is currently working intensely on combining her Bowspring knowledge together with her Contemporary dance techniques to develop something completely new, called the Contemporary Bow Technique, which she believes can help the dance students to find a deeper inner strength, become more conscious of their elasticity by working with their fascia and muscle connections, deter them from getting physical injuries and gives them their ROOTS in order for them to FLY!

Fiona is also very excited to open up her boundaries and have the chance to help train not only dancers but also people that are interested in making changes in their bodies. She has created a new Website called: www.fascia-nation.de  so inform yourself there if you're curious to know more about the Bowspring Classes that Fiona has to offer, both online and live classes in Hamburg! 


is a Youth Dance Organisation that Fiona Gordon founded in 2015. 

It was Fiona's dream to work together with different ages and abilities, from beginners to advanced, from 10 - 21 years old!

Fiona works with the dancers trying to capture their enthusiasm for dance through Contemporary and Improvisation. She encourages them to strive to become a member of the BUT I FLY DANCE Company. This would be the culmination of their journey. The Company is a small group of dedicated dancers that wish to get involved with a group of people that have the same passion for dancing as themselves. They train, they improvise and they get creative together by choreographing pieces, with the coaching from Fiona Gordon. BUT I FLY DANCE offers them workshops from other talented dancers and teachers and they have the chance to go on exchanges to other dance schools. The ideal age for the Company members are from 16 - 21 years old.

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Contemporary Bow Class

Introduces the dancer first of all to Bowspring practice, developing into a contemporary class using the Bowspring principles throughout. This allows the dancer to discover their natural double S-curve in the spine, it gives them a sense of rooting and an amazing inner strength and stretch into their extremities.

 In the course of the class Fiona focuses on allowing the dancer to find her/his own expression in the movement and loves to get the dancers moving, playing with different dynamics, level and spatial changes and often encourages the dancer to use their own creativity, by giving the dancer improvisational tasks, letting them discover new movement ideas through movement research or let them play with movement images, focus awareness and group connectivity.

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