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Fiona Gordon comes primarily from England and studied Contemporary Dance at the renowned Laban Centre in London from 1986 to 1990. Later she danced in the "Transitions Dance Company" and got the opportunity to work with famous choreographers like Claude Brumachon and Herve Jourdet (France), Matthew Bourne and Yolande Snaith (England). Since then, she has gained numerous dance experiences with many different international choreographers, including Mark Murphy, (England), Muriel Baader (Zurich) Angela Guerreiro (Portugal), Rica Blunck and Jan Pusch (Germany). Together with them she toured worldwide. In 1999 she won first prize at the "International Solo Dance Competition, Stuttgart" with the solo "Please Help Yourself".

Since 1994 she has been working as a teacher in Hamburg at the state-approved school "Erika Klütz - Training for Theatre Dance and Dance Pedagogy". She has also taught at the "Contemporary Dance School Hamburg" (CDSH) since its opening in 2001 - 2018. She teaches Contemporary Dance, improvisation and choreography techniques at these schools. Furthermore she choreographs numerous pieces together with her students, for various projects and performances.

She also offers open training for professional dancers and dance teachers in Hamburg.

As a guest teacher she can be experienced twice a year, at K3 - choreographic centre, at Kampnagel. She also participated in the community project "with dance for tolerance".

April 2019 she worked with her BUT I FLY DANCE COMPANY and guests on her project "Ebbe und Flut", for the opening of the Altonale, one of the biggest cultural street festivals in Europe.


Her newest passion is the Bowspring practice, of which she dedicates many hours deepening her knowledge in this new form of functional training. She is creating her new dance technique style, incorporating her two passions, Contemporary Dance and Bowspring. Fiona received research money from Dis-Tanz Solo in 2021 to dedicate some time to create her new dance training style called Contemporary Bow. 

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