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Now the time has come!

The registered association has finally been founded and a club account opened!

But I Fly Dance has existed since 2015 under the direction of Fiona Gordon. In 2022, she had the idea of founding a registered association so that more projects and workshops could be made possible. Fiona no longer wanted to be a lone wolf, but to be able to work in a team, so seven dance teachers and dancers joined forces and took on the challenge of forming a registered association. Since then, many, many... many dry applications and "interesting" bylaws have been written. After a long wait and keeping our fingers crossed while the statutes were scrutinised several times by various authorities, we made it!

Research Project-Contemporary Bow

Contemporary Bow Research Project

Fiona Gordon has completed a research to connect two of her passions together, Contemporary Dance technique and Bowspring practice. She researched a way to help her students to find a healthy way to train. A more sustainable method that creates more space from within the body, gives the dancer the feeling of being grounded but at the same time get a greater sense of expansion and elevation in the body.  

Fiona would like to thank Dis-Tanz Solo for the support for her to fulfil her research. 


Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the programme

NEUSTART KULTUR, aid programme DIS-TANZEN of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.


Fiona teaches her own contemporary style, which is a culmination of her knowledge along her own dance journey. After accomplishing her own research project, she has developed her own technique that she calls Contemporary-Bow.

She introduces the dancer to the Bowspring principles, combined within the contemporary class. This allows the dancer to discover their natural double S-curve in the spine, it gives them a sense of rooting but also lightness and an amazing inner strength and stretch into their extremities.

 In the course of the class Fiona focuses on allowing the dancer to find her/his own expression in the movement and gets the dancers moving with different dynamics, level and spatial changes. The dancer is encouraged to be creative through improvisation tasks, movement research, movement images, focus awareness and group connectivity.

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