Contemporary Dance Company for young people aged 16 and over in Hamburg.

This concept gives dancers the opportunity to gain experience of being a member of a group. The focus of the company is on their own creativity. Through various improvisation tasks this is challenged and encouraged. There is a close choreographic collaboration with the director, Fiona Gordon.

You will be part of something special, exciting and promising.  

  • Special:Who dances in the BUT I FLY DANCE COMPANY gets the opportunity to create choreographies with Fiona Gordon and invited guests. Furthermore there is the possibility to learn and train different techniques in intensive weekend and holiday workshops.

  • Exciting: The company is developing a repertoire which it performs in exchange programs and guest performances, with other youth dance companies in Europe. Over the years, Fiona Gordon has built up a large dance network and maintains close contacts with youth projects in Belgium and Denmark. She uses this for the BUT I FLY DANCE COMPANY to organize workshops of various kinds.

  • Promising: There will be an intercultural exchange, which makes this project particularly appealing. The dancers of the Youth Dance Company will get a chance to exchange with young people from different cultures and to be proud of what they have achieved.

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We work together several times a month, as a company. In the holiday periods BUT I FLY DANCE organizes workshops and possible rehearsals.


If you have any questions about the company, write an e-mail to:

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