What is Bowspring?



  • is a revolutionary, dynamic, pulsating training concept for body, mind and soul.

  •  creates elastical power and flowing lightness for every type of sport and everyday life and promotes a long, healthy and full life.

  •  is suitable for every age and level of ability.

  • activates the myofascial (muscle fascia) networks, uses the curves in the body and is inspired from the original functionality of the movement.  

  •  helps to recognize incorrect postures and "reprogrammes" the body into its natural form.



The newly gained freedom in the body and movement can also be used outside of training: Sitting, standing and walking is realigned and leads to a sense of well-being on all levels.


Bowspring is like a journey into yourself. 

You enter the fascinating world of your fascia connections, which is called tensegrity. Through the pulsating, round movements, it is as if we are reshaping the body into its natural shape. A feeling of well-being is generated, a powerful springiness on all layers.